Cat boarding Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms of admission for the hotel for cats?

Your cats needs a valid vaccinations for flu and parvovirus to stay at the hotel for cats.
The Cat Flu vaccination is valid for one year and the Parvovirus vaccination is valid for three years. When expired, They needs to be renewed at least two weeks before the stay at our hotel.
Your cat needs to be healthy and should not suffer a contagious disease.
For all our terms please view our terms here.

Do the cats fight at the hotel?

When cats are housed together, they do not have their own territory. At home, they often fight with their neighbour cats to defend their own garden. At the hotel, none of the guests have their own territory, so they will not fight to defend it. The guests leave to go home soon enough before they develop the idea that they own the hotel. New guests will sometimes a bit grumpy and growl at the other guests for a day or so, but they will soon blend in with the rest and even become friends with the other guests.

What happens when my cat will stay at the hotel for the first time?

New cats will be housed in their own bedroom (1.20-60 cm) and can bring their own pillow or blanket to have something familiar with them from home. He will be in his own room for about an hour. After that he is free to roam around in the hotel for the rest of the stay.

Experience has learnt that new cats are a bit scared of all the new things they see and hear. All other guests, on the contrary, are very inquisitive to know the newcomer. This can be very frightening to the new guest. So we give them opportunity to get used to the sounds and smells and other guests without direct contact.

It will take most guests about 24 hours to get used to their new surroundings.

My cat is not used to being with other cats

Most of our guests are not used to being with other cats. It depends on your cat´s character how much time it will take for him to get used to his new surroundings. Cats that are a bit bashful will take longer than very cheerful outgoing cats to blend in with the others. Most cats will take about 24 hours to get used to the new surroundings.

Moreover, we have created many hiding places for the reserved cats, so they can safely hide if they should want to.

My cat is quite bashful

We offer a seperate section for shyer and elderly cats. This section also has a nice outside run and many hiding places but is somewhat smaller and accomodates less cats.

My cat got the flu after visiting the hotel, in spite of the vaccinations

Vaccinations, as required by law for the stay at a hotel for cats, do not cover all the existing kinds of flu. As all guests stay together, they could give each other a kind of flu not covered by the now existing vaccinations. We always treat flu after consulting our vet and keep healthy animals away from the ones with flu.

When your cat develops flu within 5 days after picking him up from the hotel, look for signs as listlessness, not eating/drinking, sneezing, coughing. As long as your cat is still eating and drinking, you can wait a day or two without consulting your vet. Should your cat get ill, i.e. not eating and drinking and developing fever, we advise you to contact your vet.

You can also contact us to keep us informed and get advice.

Of course, we hope your will not need this information but we value you being informed about it.

Should you have questions about this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone.

Flea treatment

Our guests are checked for fleas regularly. Should flees be found, cats will receive flea-treatment. The owner will be charged with the cost hereof.

My cat is very particular over food

When making the booking for your cat, you can tell us what he´s used to eat at home. All regular food brands are included in the boarding fees. Vetinarian diets are not included, please provide them yourself.

My cat is put on a special diet by the vet and should not eat anything else

If you want to be sure your cat will not eat anything else but his own special diet: we can offer you one of our cat boarding rooms inside our house. Your cat will be housed separately from the other cats in his own room, so you can be absolutely certain he will not receive anything else but his own food. The rooms are fitted with special cat things, cat seats, hiding spaces and scratching posts. Be sure you book in time, the catrooms are in great demand.

Intranasal Bordetella  vaccination.

We strongly advise against this vaccination. This particular vaccination regularly causes unwanted symptoms of coughing and sneezing causing our guests to pick up cat flu. Therefore we only require the core vaccinations normally referred to as the F4 vaccination – immunisation against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu.

Castration of male and female cats

Male and female cats must be castrated from the age of six months onward.