Small Scale. Cage Free. Cats Only Cat Boarding near Amsterdam

A holiday for your cat(s) at Betty’s Cat Boarding. Cagefree! Day and night freedom. Playing, resting, sleeping. Indoors and outdoors. Personal, professional care. No interns or other temporary staff. Owner lives on site for 24/7 attendance.

A Cat’s Holiday

On the border of Amsterdam our cat boarding facilities offer your cat an all inclusive cat holiday with lots of attention and care. 22 years of professional experience. We also offer a nice separate area for shy, privacy loving and elderly cats. For cats that need special medical attention or diet we offer private cat condos.

 Quality Food

We serve 10 different flavours of high quality cat food from Royal Canin, ProPlan and Hills. For cats that prefer other food we serve a wide variety of other foods.

Play all Day

Tree trunks and climbing trees for scratching, climbing and playing. Many levels of wooden planks make for a perfect cats playground.

Cage Free!

We take the greatest care to ensure the well-being of your cat. We give your cat freedom. That is why our guests are free to pick their own favourite spot in our hotel or the outside enclosed run. We do not put cats in a cage or confined space.

3 Areas

Every cat has different needs. Therefore our cat boarding provides 3 separate areas. One for playful and younger cats (pictures). The other for old and shy cats (pictures). The third for cats on a prescription diet and other special/medical cases (pictures).

Soft and Cosy

Your cat’s comfort is our top priority. That’s why provide many soft cushions and small soft rugs so your cat can relax in comfort. Cuddly toys for a homely feeling supplement our decor. Click here for a picture gallery of our cuddly toys and other decoration.


To make a reservation, please use our reservation formBe sure your cat is healty and has valid vaccinations against cat-flu and cat-disease.
The cat-flu vaccination is valid for 1 year. The cat-disease vaccination is valid for 3 years. Male cats of 6 months and older need to be neutered. We need the cat passport during the stay of your cat. Please book early for the school holidays.

You are required to pay in full on arrival. You can pay by MAESTRO PIN FOR FREE. V-Pay and Credit Card fee is 2,5%.

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