Terms of admission

At least 14 days prior to your cat’s stay at Betty’s Hotel your cat(s) should be vaccinated for Cat’s Flu and Feline Parvo Virus by means of injection. The flu vaccination should be not older than 1 year. The Feline Parvo Virus vaccination should be not older than 3 years.

You are required to hand over a proof of vaccination (vaccination passport) when you deliver your cat. We will keep this passport during your cat’s stay and return it when you collect your cat.
Without this proof of vaccination we cannot accomodate your cat because of the danger of infection. This measure is in the best interest of both your pet and all other hotel guests.

Cat’s flu
Even though all our guests have been vaccinated against the diseases mentioned above, this is NOT a guarantee that our guests will not get the flu.

Although we look after your cat with the utmost care, we cannot be held liable for any accident, theft, illness or death or consequential damage.

Healthy cats
Upon arrival your cat will be examined for illnesses. If it is found that your cat is ill, it will not be admitted at Betty’s Hotel. Betty’s Hotel is in compliance with the Dutch legal demand that cat boarding facilities only take in healthy animals.

Diabetic cats
Unfortunaty we can not cater for diabetic cats.

If we have to quarantaine your cat(s), because of wrong or late vaccinations you will be charged extra. See “Rates and payment”.

You are required to pay upfront the total amount due at the day of arrival. You can pay by Maestro PIN card, creditcard (plus 2,5% fee) or cash. No refund for late arrivals or earlier departures.

Cancellation, late arrival, early collection
No refund in case of late arrivals or early collection.

Cancellation cost:
Before 21 days: no cost
Within 21 days: half the total amount due
On day of arrival: total amount due